Targeted Contact List Building

Morningleads help sales and marketing team works efficiently by providing accurate Business Contacts and it also help companies to grow its prospects database.

Identifying the right contacts in your target market has typically been both costly and time consuming. While there are many sources data available, most prove to be low-quality, overused, or outdated. Purchasing tons of unverified contacts from data resellers, renting contact lists from list brokers, or exchanging contacts from business directories are generally ineffective - resulting in wasted time and resources following up on bad data.

Another alternative is to build a targeted contact list from the ground up by engaging a specialized List building company with a highly cost effective rate. This method is very effective – resulting in a low cost per contact and a high ROI on the investment.

With our Targeted contact list you can:

  • Target new markets, reach new prospects and reach key decision makers.
  • Send offer to contacts interested in your products or services.
  • Reach hard-to-find prospects from B2B segments such as, Information Technology, manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial services etc.
  • Promote tradeshow, conferences, and events.

B2B Email List

Without a Contact/Business list of prospects, sales efforts become cumbersome, laborious and inefficient. Good lists precede a sales team’s maximum prospecting efficiency, while, bad lists waste time and frustrate salespeople. An accurate list of prospects becomes a critical component in effective sales cycles.

Our skilled personnel save your business the laborious task of researching target companies and compiling contact information of key decision-makers. First, our team studies the client’s target market and develops a list of relevant companies. Then our team checks online databases, industry organizations and other business list sources to develop the database with pertinent companies.

Morningleads B2B Email list development service ensures clients a custom list of validated prospects to provide their sales force. Along with a list of validated contacts, we provide detailed contact information to target decision makers including: company name, contact name, title, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Contact us to learn more about our B2B Email list service and the other ways we can support your sales and marketing teams. Request a Quote for B2B Email list development.

Demographic Email List

When looking for new companies with which to do business, it is very important that you seek out only those companies that you believe you can help through your products/services. A Demographic contact list performs better when you target your prospects based on the demographics, i.e. Revenue, Employees, No of offices, years in business, etc.

C-level Contact List

We provide hard to find business contacts. Morningleads allows you to map large organizations and individual business units by giving you people at any rank (VPs, Directors, Managers) and in any functional department (Sales, IT, Operations, HR, Purchase etc).

We offer the following popular B2B C-level contact list. Any other custom list selects can be built on request.

  • Fortune Company- Executives List
  • C-level (COO, CFO, CTO and Chairman)
  • CIO/CTOs, IT Vice Presidents, Directors
  • Top 5000-Company-IT-Executives
  • Top HR Decision Makers

Industry Specific Email List

If you are seeking to target niche industries for market research or business prospecting, you can take a solution in the form of Industry specific email list from Morningleads.

You name an industry, and we have the list for you. Avail lists containing fields such as SIC codes, contact information, email addresses, titles and many more identifiers in our industry lists. Connect with the professionals at different levels.

We create Industry specific email lists based on your requirements. Want a list that is absolutely compatible with your campaign?

  • Business Services Industry Executives List
  • Computer Software Industry Executives List
  • Education Services Industry Executives List
  • Automotive Industry Executives List
  • Hotel, Motels & Resorts Executives List
  • Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Brokers List
  • etc…

Write your target Industry and required details so we can help you to get Industry specific email list and email us at

LinkedIn Contact List

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. We can collect information such as person name, title, location, postal code, business name etc. This information will therefore help you to generate more businesses.

Targeted Contact List Building

  • B2B Email List
  • Demographic Email list
  • C-level contact list
  • Industry specific email List
  • LinkedIn contact list

List Management Services

  • Data Collection
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Appending

CRM Data Management

  • CRM Research
  • CRM Account Management
  • CRM Data Cleansing
  • CRM Data Deduping