List Management Services

Data Collection

Depending upon your requirements, we will enter your collected data into TXT, HTML, MS Excel or required format.

As a part of our Data collection Services we perform:

  • Directory data collection
  • Tradeshow/conference data collection
  • Customer list data collection
  • Job portals data collection
  • Paid sources data collection, i.e. (Hoovers, Linkedin, Zoominfo, etc....

Data Cleansing

Many times clients have a database that contains most of the information on a record, but is old or outdated important fields that can be useful for marketing, validation, or delivery purposes. Clean and update names, addresses and telephone numbers to ensure that your communications are personalized, accurate and deliverable.

A range of services are available to clean, validate and enhance your data. The services are applied impudently, allowing you to select a data cleaning solution to meet your specific requirements.

Data Appending

Our Data Appending service adds missing contact info, i.e. Person name, Title, email address, phone number, etc. To your current records—helping you connect with your customers more efficiently and ensuring your sales campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

Data has become one of the most powerful, inexpensive, and indispensable components of successful marketing campaign. E-marketing efforts are the most cost effective way to keep in contact with your prospects and customers efficiently. Let us append your existing database where they are missing so you can take advantage of the database you already have.

Targeted Contact List Building

  • B2B Email List
  • Demographic Email list
  • C-level contact list
  • Industry specific email List
  • LinkedIn contact list

List Management Services

  • Data Collection
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Appending

CRM Data Management

  • CRM Research
  • CRM Account Management
  • CRM Data Cleansing
  • CRM Data Deduping