What is the source of data?

We gather our information from company website that is original and unique source of accurate data, search engines, directories, etc. We provide custom list according to your need and do not sale old or already prepared lists.

What is the meaning of Targeted contact list?

A Target contact list is a database that is built based on specification that you provide (i.e. Target titles, Industry, company size; SIC code or vertical market, etc.). Once you provide us with these criteria we compile as many companies and contacts as we can that meet your criteria and then clean and verify the information in each record. The end result that is delivered to you is what we call a target contact list. Target list are generally a bit more expensive than readymade list.

What fields are included in Targeted contact list?

Typically you can only rent either a list containing phone numbers and/or physical/mailing addresses, or a list of email addresses (which you typically never see). With Morningleads you receive all contact information. Below is a table that shows exactly which fields are included in our list.

♦ Company Name
♦ Full contact name
♦ Title/Designation
♦ Street Address
♦ City, State, Zip, Country
♦ Main or Direct Phone Number
♦ Email Address
♦ URL/web address

What kind of guarantee do you offer regarding the quality of the data?

Every record is guaranteed. If you find any incorrect data, send us back the record within 30 days of the delivery date with a note as to the data that are incorrect (Wrong phone number, bad physical address, etc.), and we will correct or replace the record. We can stand behind the quality of our data firmly because we do much verify the data before we send it out to you.

Why is Morningleads different than other email list provider?

We build a list of targeted contact list based on your specification. Our contact lists are built when our customers order them. We guarantee that every contact is relevant, accurate and verified.

What is the process of collecting contacts?

We search contacts using website and multiple data sources. These data sources are compiled based on a person’s title, a proper indication of a prospect’s responsibilities or role. Knowing this, we then use trained researchers to collect each contact based on their role in the company and decision making unit, not just their title. As a final step, all contact information is put through a contact quality review, email quality review and role quality review before deliver to you.

What do you need to provide to us?

♦ A list of target companies or criteria to collect target contacts/companies
♦ Definition of the target role(s)(the person responsible for...)
♦ List of companies to exclude (competitors, accounts in your database, current customers, etc.)

What do you get?

We provide full contact information for each lead including first name, last name, title, email, physical address, phone number and more. Your custom list of targeted leads can be delivered in an excel file or uploaded directly into your CRM.

Targeted Contact List Building

  • B2B Email List
  • Demographic Email list
  • C-level contact list
  • Industry specific email List
  • LinkedIn contact list

List Management Services

  • Data Collection
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Appending

CRM Data Management

  • CRM Research
  • CRM Account Management
  • CRM Data Cleansing
  • CRM Data Deduping