CRM Data Management

At Morningleads, we provide a full range of CRM Data management services that include the basics and move right through advanced processes and techniques available in our company. Our extensive line of services includes the following:

  • CRM Research
  • CRM Account Management
  • CRM Data Cleansing
  • CRM Data Deduping

CRM Research

CRM research provides online data gathering into the CRM from a prospect company or directories as below:

Internet research to find target Companies.

Entering About us, contact, information from target website into the CRM

Confirming and/or entering contact information for contacts from the "Management Team" section of the target's website.

Confirming and/or entering address information for locations from the "Locations" section of the target's website.

Entering text from the "history," "products & services, and/or "pricing" sections of the target's website into the appropriate notes field within the CRM.

Search of online paid information sources* including: Contacts (by Jigsaw), Zoominfo, NetProspex, Hoovers, LinkedIn, etc.

* Access to information source to be provided by customer

CRM Account Management

Morningleads has significant experience in CRM data management that include Creating new Account, entering contacts from business cards, listing new leads and contact into the CRM, etc. We are proficient working on all the major Customer Relationship Management applications listed below, but not limited to:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Sage CRM
NetSuite CRM
Oracle OnDemand CRM
Zoho CRM

CRM Data Cleansing

If you are a CRM user and have an active account with a good amount of data being updated regularly within the CRM, then you would also have noticed the need to have your data cleaned.

To find solutions to these issues, you will have to identify which of these are your biggest challenges and use that to determine what you need.

However if you have leads or contacts in your CRM system that are missing key information, research additional information, verify and updated expired data, then a CRM data cleansing service which uses a combination of an automated process as well as people based effort to update these data points as per your requirements.

Here is the CRM data cleansing process we follow:
  • Define CRM contact/account related important fields that needs to be cleansed
  • Fill out missing information, wrong/misspelled data
  • Verify the contact, email id and address using web
  • Verify all web information through phone calls
  • Standardize the data format
  • Import data back to your CRM

CRM Data Deduping

Minimizing/eliminating duplicate contact records in a CRM database is important to many organizations. Deduping functionality may be needed in several workflows:

  • Importing a batch of contacts from a legacy data store or other source
  • Manual data entry: add or update of contact records
  • Periodic overall 'cleanup' of data.

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Targeted Contact List Building

  • B2B Email List
  • Demographic Email list
  • C-level contact list
  • Industry specific email List
  • LinkedIn contact list

List Management Services

  • Data Collection
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Appending

CRM Data Management

  • CRM Research
  • CRM Account Management
  • CRM Data Cleansing
  • CRM Data Deduping